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Deep Ellum Media

Dallas Fort-Worth is an economic playground for aspiring local businesses that attribute to why North Texas has become of the most attractive destinations for companies to flock to. Competition is fierce and to stand out amongst the others – we can help you put your company on the map as your company sprouts deeper roots.  We are a media firm that will not only help you capture photography, we will be able to weave all of the pieces of your imagination, vision and brand message together and bring it to life, so that your company will grow beyond a just a dot on the map.

Our current sweet spot includes professional portraiture, headshots, event coverage and product photography. We are continually expanding our services, so please watch for us!

Why Deep Ellum Media

  • We are passionate about creating beautiful imagery, elevating the norm to amazing.
  • We can capture your brand message and convey that to your customers, visually
  • We will fill the gap between vision and purpose
  • Our philosophy to produce amazing work is because we have an amazing team.
  • We want to cultivate a strong collaborative partnership with you to deliver the your best moments on film
  • We want to hear your ideas – and that’s where we come in to help refine your vision and make it come to life
  • Our insights and methodology have been gained through years of experience working with a variety of clients in all industries and backgrounds
  • We have learned through each of the clients that we’ve worked with, we provide the consultation to overcome challenges and optimize your time, in order to maximize your vision
  • Your ideas and our ideas – whether big, small, or somewhere in between; together with our team, we will help you bring them to life
  • We believe that creativity is the core of what makes our photography magic
  • Creativity can be trying something new or unique, let us WOW you!
  • We believe quality is not just embedded in our photography, it is through our services and the quality of the relationship that we have with you and your company
  • Quality is the result of trust and communication. We want to extract the best out of you!

Client Testimonials

“We had the privilege of working with David Loi at a recent event. My husband is a caterer. David photographed my husband’s food so exceptionally! We will absolutely recommend him to our catering customers. Thank you David.”


“David was very professional and talented with his work. He took the time to come visit my office prior to the shoot just to make sure it goes smooth. Just seeing him work you can tell he truly loves what he does. I had David for an indoor shoot for my office and the result was wonderful, try him out and you won’t regret it. His ability to work with the light is unparalleled.”

Bill Chang
Waterview Dentistry

“David is incredibly talented and his work speaks for itself. The photo shoot resulted in amazing headshots! David has the special knack in styling each subject to not only make them feel comfortable in order to look their very best, but most importantly, was able to capture and bring forward the personality of each of our executives exactly the way I had envisioned. Bravo! And to top it off – he’s a gem to work with!”

Christina Nguyen
Saxony Partners

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